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    Unable to animate anything made in Reflow.

    Luca Tomaino

      Hello everyone,


      After a long time working with Reflow/Animate just for previewing layouts to clients I finally updated Adobe Edge Animate to the latest version 2014.1.1 (5.0.1) to have a look at the new features. Even though the latest patch seems to have fixed a big variety of bugs which a lot of users across the web have mentioned, I seem to have some trouble understanding something. Before updating my software I used to create my preview responsive layouts with Reflow and then I would take care of animations in Animate. It’s been that easy and comfortable for a long while, but on version 5.0.1 I noticed that I cannot do that anymore as in fact now Animate seems to be no longer able to animate anything built in Reflow. At first I wasn’t sure it was an issue with Reflow so I started to perform a few tests: First of all, I tried to reproduce the same issue on Dreamweaver by doing something as simple as building a small green square positioned on the top left corner of the browser. Then I would go to Animate to apply a simple translate left to right animation. However when I tried to do so I instantly noticed that it wouldn’t work. I tried the same procedure with other softwares as well until I realized that it might be something wrong with Animate. Just in order to make sure I wasn’t cray I went back to Animate 4.0 and as I thought I managed to apply the animations successfully. I kept struggling with this issue for a while until after a few tests I found out that the only way for Animate to actually animate divs, texts or anything I need to make sure I’m working with classes rather than ID's. Now this leads me to bring up a few questions: since Reflow cannot yet use classes how am I supposed to keep up with my workflow using Animate? Would I have to move on to something different like Macaw or similar? Am I missing something? By the way, sorry if this is OT but how long is it going to take before classes are actually implemented in Adobe Edge Reflow?


      Thank you very much for your help!