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    Contribute and Application.cfc

      I'm building out a site that is contribute-ready, and also makes use of Coldfusion MX 7's Application.cfc page. The application.cfc page has an onRequestStart function that <cfincludes> the navigational elements. When I drop into edit mode for a page, the navigational elements disappear. This wouldn't be a problem, except that the link to the site style sheet is part of one of the <cfincludes>. So, my Contribute users can't make use of the site stylesheet, and can't see the page they're editing in the context of the navigational elements.

      Strangely enough, if I move the navigational elements out of the Application.cfc and <cfinclude> them directly on the individual pages, Contribute has no problem displaying them when in edit mode.

      Why would Contribute exclude Application.cfc when in edit mode, and is there a way to fix this?