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    Why can´t I sync fotos with their previous version in lightroom after doing editations in Photoshop?



      - I have a RAW-foto in Lightroom, that I already edited with lightroom tools (Clarity, colour, whitebalance etc.)

      - I have to edit some things in Photoshop, so I rightclick and choose "Edit in photoshop) (CTRL+E)

      - A version without my lightroom editations openes in photoshop, I do my editations there

      - I save the pic in photoshop, and it is imported to my lightroom catalogue as a PSD file, being stacked with the original. - so far so good, now the problem:

      - if I select the new and the original version (RAW+PSD file) and try syncing my lightroom editations to the PSD file, the colour changes completely, and there are even some spot removals going through the face of the model, that DO NOT EXIST in the original photo that I´m syncing from!!! WHY!?!?!? I really dont get it..


      See the here on my Dropbox for better understanding (for some reason I cannot upload the pics directly here):

      Dropbox - adobe help


      Thank you for your appreciated help