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    Multiple copies of JPEG on ePub export

    bst7 Level 1

      I'm making copies of a JPEG image and using this image in multiple places in my inDesign document. In the links panel, I see the disclosure triangle that shows all the pages that I'm using that link. So, all good so far.


      When I export the document to ePub, I would have expected there to be a single version of the JPEG file in the resulting ePub file. However, I have multiple copies of the JPEG file, all the same size, but with different names.


      So, if my original JPEG file is 1234.jpg, I'll have the following derivatives of that file in the "images" folder of the ePub:






      Then in the CSS and XHTML pages, the different uses of 1234.jpg will each reference their own version of the file, so:

      Page 1 will reference 1234.jpg

      Page 2 will reference 12341.jpg

      Page 8 will reference 12343.jpg



      This seems very wasteful to me, as my ePub is now much larger because it has all of the duplicated JPEG files. Is there any way to avoid this, or is this expected behaviour?