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    Animation fully runs in Chrome and Opera, not in any other browsers




      I created an extensive animation with images and sounds (*.mp3 and *.wav files) using Adobe Edge Animate for a website I'm creating for a client. I've uploaded everything to the host, which is Shopify, and the animation works in Google Chrome and Opera but not in any other browsers. In other browsers, the preloader displays but when it's finished, it just shows a couple images of the animation randomly then freezes on one of the image, meaning that it doesn't animate. It just shows an image and gets stuck.


      I'm really confused and stuck on this issue. I've been trying to get it to work for a long time now and I'm running out of time. I read about the .htaccess issue in other threads and I have an e-mail out to Shopify to see if they can help me with it. Other than that, has anyone else run into this problem? Any advice?


      Thank you so much in advance!