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    Premiere CC 2014 Yosemite Macbook Pro Open CL Problems




      After getting a brand new Macbook Pro i.7.  Installed Premiere Pro CC 2014 but its been pretty much unusable when editing.   Even when not playing,  menus have a latency as if all memory is used and CPU is maxed out...but its not.   I tried Apple Final Cut and was amazed at the difference.  All video plays in realtime and is very fast so it must be something wrong with Premiere.


      I turned of the Open CL hardware option in Project Settings and every is running ok again.  Ive tried re-formatting the mac book to factory but its still the same.  Its also doing it on other macs in the studio with the new update.


      The same project (same edit using same material) takes half the time to render in Final Cut...as tempted as I am to stay with final cut I've been using Premiere for years and really don't want to change.


      Is this a known issue and what can I do to get help resolving it?