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    Allowing Stretching the spectralview channel strips vertically for viewing.

    zurek Level 1

      The waveform and the spectral view seems to be limited to the edges of the computer screen. This is fine for mono files, it is also fine for stereo files. But when it comes to multichannel, the individual channel strips appear extremely slim! The audio content is hardly readable, because the strip of the channel is simply not tall enough. And it seems that it cannot be stretched at all. The computer screen edges are hard boundary, no scrolling is probably allowed by Audition.


      So, if I have 12-channel audio file, my screen is divided into 12 very slim horizontal strips, each dedicated to one channel.  Even if I remove all the other frames and I make the waveform view as miniature as possible, the frequency view of each channel is still terribly narrow. A serious work in the frequency spectrum is impossible. Zooming does not help much, because then the context of the audio is lost in the terribly narrow channel strip.


      I need to stretch the channel strip vertically, so that it may become fat enough vertically to allow for human eyes to see the frequency and harmonic content of the channel to allow for some surgery.


      The best technique would be allowing the user to stretch each of the channel strips individually, so that 10 channels which are fine can be narrowed down, while the two remaining strips of the two channels which have audio problems can be made tall enough to allow for surgery in the frequency spectrum. Please, add this feature to the next Audition update.