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    12 Text Boxes on one slide

      Hello Team

      I have 12 text entry boxes on a single slide, all with the
      Correct Entry: (different numbers to be typed into each)
      On Success: Continue
      Current shortcut: Enter
      Display for: Rest of slide
      Appear after: Tried all boxes at 0.1 sec, and also tried staggering them at more than a second apart.
      Pause after: 0.5
      Transition: No transition

      I have a button with the on On Success: Goto Next Slide.

      I couldn't create a question slide here because it will only allow 8
      entry boxes.

      My problem is that when previewing, the cursor will not move to the
      next text box upon pressing Enter (or Tab, etc), therefore there is no
      "tabbing order".

      Is the only way to put the 12 text entry boxes on 12 separate slides ?

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          Shnoogins Level 1

          Can you try copying the slide with the 12 question boxes into it's own project, and then publish it? I've had instances where previewing did not give an "accurate" representation of the final product. Hope this helps.
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            rbLearning Level 1
            Tridley -
            The proper technique in this case would be to use one text entry object per slide. The best approach to building interactivity in Captivate2 is to think of your project with a slide-by-slide, step-by-step frame of mind. In this case, consider how Captivate would record an interaction of that sort: one field per slide.

            Despite giving the appearance that you might be able to control field focus via tab & shift+tab, Captivate2 is not equipped to provide such features.

            With the exception of having multiple rollover caption/image objects per slide, there are few circumstances where having more than one interactive object per slide will actually yield results you expect.

            Keep it simple.