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    Lightroom Navigation and Develop panels are completely absent on first opening the program


      I just downloaded Lightroom 5 from Creative Cloud onto my MacBook Air laptop, and I’m stymied. When I opened the application for the first time, neither the navigation panel on the left nor the development panel on the right appeared, and there is no hint of those panels existing. Also, the warning "An error occurred when attempting to change modules” appeared when I opened the program for the first time. Both issues persist each time I open Lightroom - so I'm completely unable to import photos or get started.  I’ve search the web for fixes and tried many suggestions but nothing has changed either of the problems above.  Also, in Creative Cloud, if I try to uninstall Lightroom, the message appears "Uninstall Unavailable" and there is no way to uninstall the program through the Utilities.  By the way, I use Lightroom routinely on another computer, so I am quite familiar with the program.  Help!!