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    printing booklet on A4 size paper


      Hi,I have InDesign (Creative Cloud CS5.5) on Windows 7. I  have done some research and would appreciate a confirmation of my understanding.

      I want to print some booklet in my home printer which accepts letter size paper only.


      Initially I thought I would create text frames and thread them in non-consecutive way (with smart flow, auto pages enabled) -  so that the text would flow in such a way that when can be printed,  the paper can be cut out in smaller pieces  appropriate for binding.


      I realize now that I need to use imposition software (Print Booklet etc) to achieve this as text threading is not designed to be that flexible.


      I would appreciate any inputs.

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          MW Design Level 5

          Your subject title mentions A4 sized paper, the body mentions US Letter size.


          Assuming you want one half of a letter-size for each page, create the page size as portrait, 5.5" wide, 8.5" tall.

          Thread in logical order, page 1 through...how many ever pages. You should have a page count evenly divisible by 4.

          Export to PDF as normal...single pages.

          Open the PDF in Acrobat or Reader, print the booklet from it.