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    E books will not open on my e reader


      I have downloaded a digital book from the library on my laptop in adobe digital editions. I can read the book on my computer but not my e reader. The note on the e reader says "This document is protected by Adobe Digital Rights" amd will not open. How can I read my downloaded books on the e reader?


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          I am having this same problem. It took us forever to authorize my laptop and reader so that I could read books borrowed from the library on my KOBO.  Yesterday my library card expired and I renewed it.  For some reason now I am unable to read books borrowed from the library on my reader but am able to read them on the laptop.  I deauthorized my KOBO, downloaded the library book again from the library onto my laptop. I then reauthorized my reader and copied the book over onto the reader.  I am still not able to read the book on my reader. It states that it is there but the document is protected by adobe digital rights. Why does this have to be so difficult?  I am not sure what to do next?

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            I am having the same problem. Listed this earlier on the forum. It is really weird. When I choose books from the library I download them and have no problem at all, reading them on my kobo glo reader. But if I have a book on hold, and it finally is in my check-out box, and I download it, I get the "oops...protected" message. Terribly annoying. I have de-authorized and re-authorized my pc, my tablet, my e-reader. Re-synced all. And what! I have still the same problem. I can read the book on pc and tablet but it refused to open on my e-reader. I cannot find a decent solution anywhere, specially not from kobo. All they say is de-authorize and re-authorize. Sure, I did, but it doesn't do any good. I have several books still on hold. I guess I will just cancel the whole, frustrating list!

            I wonder if any kobo/adobe help desk person is reading these messages. I doubt it.