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    images wont import


      images will not import.  says error on all photos.  help

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          Welcome to the forum. Just be aware that this is a user to user forum so the replies you get here will mostly be from users like yourself.


          Some of the regular posters are experienced and helpful. However you will need to provide additional detailed info about your system, the version of Lightroom you are using and describe you problem.


          If you are getting an error message post the exact wording or if possible a screen capture of the message displayed on your screen.

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            drewc52833145 Level 1

            ok  i have lightroom 2.7.  i just recently got the canon 70D   i click import and it reads... "some import operations were not performed   unknown errors occurred.  all of the images

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              DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

              Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras

              The link above will provide info on when various camera models were added by Adobe in Lightroom and Adobe camera Raw.

              Support for processing raw files from the Canon 70D was introduced in Lightroom 5.2, ACR 8.2.


              So if you wish to import raw files from this camera model you will have to upgrade to LR 5. (you can upgrade direct to version 5 and skip 3 &4 provided your computer meets the minimum requirements.)

              The other alternative would be to use the free Adobe DNG Converter (the latest is version 8.7.1) to convert the raw files to the DNG format. Then you will be able to import the dng files into Lightroom 2.7.


              That said version 2.7 is now very dated and there have been two upgrades to the Lightroom processing engine that will provide superior results with your files from your camera model.