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    Linking to another WebHelp

      Note: I'm posting this question as opposed to trying it myself because it's not a simple process for me to upload files to our company's server to do testing.

      We have several company-wide software apps for which WebHelp is being written. Some of the applications interface with each other so I need the ability to create a hyperlink in one WebHelp to specific topics in other WebHelps. Is this as simple as linking to the URL of the specific topic in the other WebHelp? If so, will this load the topic "within" the current window or open a new window complete with the TOC from the linked WebHelp? Do I need to use "startpage#target"?

      Thanks for any guidance,
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Calling the topic direct will cause just that topic to display. Calling with the startpage#target method will cause the whole target help to display. In both cases whether or not that is within the same window or a new window depends on the settings when you create the link.

          Opening a full version of a help project within the topic window might look a bit odd but the Show link the user will get may also confuse them, unless you create the target so that link is not displayed.

          Try creating two test project on your hard disk. It will be clearer than any text here.