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    Whenever I boot up I get a Lightroom error, I can no longer use lightroom any suggestions?

    Lightroom - Catalogue

      The following screen is what I get whenever i boot up.  I can no longer access any of my photos.  This is not all of it it goes on for quit a few pages.  Any help would be appreciated


      bookmark880    ¥´ N Z∫A h     Applications   Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.app        O   π€'   P`  A∫ Ÿæ              Macintosh HD   p¢Gt  A∏"2√$  4FA04D42-C41C-326A-ABE7-CDD29D397869   Å  Ô   Ô      /       Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5B    icns  BTOC `is32 }s8mk  ic11 .il32 Ÿl8mk  ic07&‡ic13V`ic08V`ic14Ω.ic09Ω.ic10 ñJis32 }Ä∞ÅØÅÆÇ≠∞Ç




      ¨Ø Ä Å Ç

      ¨Ø     Å Å

      ¨Ø    ±Ç Ä

      ¨Ø    ∞Å       ¨Æ Ä ∞Å  §≠4  ¨Æ    ØÅ  ≠    ¨Æ

         ÆÅ ≠Ä

      ´Æ    ÆÄ   ¨Ä

      ´≠    Ä≠ ö ¨Ä