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    Unloading FLV's Help!!

      hello. here is my situation:

      please read on, i tried to make it and easy read...

      i have a 2 buttons that have this code on them:

      on (release) {
      unloadMovieNum("50.swf", 50)
      unloadMovieNum("50.swf", 51)
      loadMovieNum(" http://www.mysite.com/flash/50.swf", 50); }

      the idea is when the button is clicked, it loads a swf file (before this it unloads all movies incase one is already playing). this swf file has a flash player that loads a flv file (that is hosted in the same dir on the server as the swf)

      everything works thus far. except:
      when i click the second button, the player unloads the first swf and loads the second swf,
      PROBLEM IS: the first FLV is still loading/playing in the background. under the second flv.
      (this happens if i click the 1st button, and then click the 1st button again, the same movie flv plays twice.

      SOLUTION, can anyone give me some sort of code for calling my swfs, and to cancel the flv?
      please let me know where to place this code? i assume on the buttons themselves.

      i have heard of another way to display movies using a movie "holder" but i think i will have the same problem.

      please help me. any .fla examples would be greatly appreciated
      thank you
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          you need to look into removeMovieClip. Basic jist is that #1 you'll need to create an empty movieclip to act as a container for the loaded swf and #2, target that movieClip in the removeMovieClip statement to delete the clip from existance.