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    Playing multiple videos on a Page automatically & simultaneously

    R. Sinclair

      I have a Page containing 3 videos that I want to have playing automatically & simultaneously on Page Load (the videos have no audio tracks so sound is not an issue.)


      However, I can only get one video to play automatically on Page Load. The other two videos won't start playing until I click on them. My videos are in .FLV format, and I'm exporting my InDesign document as a .SWF file.


      I've tried all manner of settings in the Media, Animation, and Timing panels to no avail.


      If I export my document as an Interactive PDF, the videos play automatically & simultaneously as expected, but I need to be able to export as a .SWF, as I have some interactive Multi-State Objects using the SWF-only "Go to State" feature.


      It seems that Interactive PDFs allow multiple videos to play automatically & simultaneously, but SWFs do not.


      Any way to get this to happen?