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    ACR Raw images wont copy to Jpeg or Tiff; as it fails with "Cannot Create File"

    markscosmiclight Level 1

      Requesting immediate help if anyone available currently


      I've been using Photoshop CS6 for several years, never a problem at all. As soon as I bought Creative Cloud, I see many issues that cannot be resolved or are recurring.


      Again today as I go to copy files (images) from Adobe Camera Raw, to say a Tiff or a Jpeg, it appears to begin to copy as normal, then suddenly a box appears with all my copying

      file name/numbers, and it begins to eliminate one by one "Cannot Create File", failing the entire process to copy. I have never seen this until I began using Creative Cloud about a

      month ago.


      Can anyone help this Saturday evening as i am trying to complete a large project of images for others who expect them soon.?


      Thank you and I look forward to any advice soon,


      Mark Seibold, Artist-Astronomer, Portland Oregon