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    Saving as RTF

    raghugada Level 1



      Can we export the indesign file to pagemaker ?

      can we epxport the file as rich text format irrespective of number of text frames ?

      I mean can we export the multiple text frame content at a time ?


      This will be helpful if there is a way to do it.

      Or is there an an any alternate way to get the whole text ?

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hello raghugada,


          Pagemaker meanwhile is a quite old program and will not be developed further. I'm afraid you don't have a chance. InDesign is able to read page maker - not vice versa. Why do you want to go backwards by using pagemaker? You have all the searched features in indesign? With indesign you've got a more professional tool at hand (especially what concerns pdf output and color management e.g.).



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I'm guessing you want to move this back to Pagemaker to solve the breaking words problem in your other thread. You can't go direct from ID to PM, but you can export your stories to RTF, though you have to do it story-by-story. Just put an active cursor in any story (don't select anything), then choose File > Export... and you can choose RTF  from the type dropdown. You will get the text from all frames threaded together to make that story.

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              Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

              I'll agree with everyone else's post on this forum that Pagemaker is not worth pursuing unless you have a really unique workflow that requires it. Even them, I'd really consider upgrading my workflow to InDesign. That being said, I don't think anyone has answered your question about exporting RTF out of InDesign (I think that's what you were asking). InDesign can in fact export text as RTF by using the basic File > Export command although this method will only export one frame at a time. You can export all frames by using a handy little script that is included with InDesign. Open your Scripts panel by going to Window > Utilities > Scripts. Once the panel is open, drill down to Application > Samples > Javascript. You'll find a script in there called ExportAllStories.jsx. Double click on this script and you'll be asked to choose a format (RTF being one of them) and it will export the contents of all text frames in the document.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                The OP has a problem with a file in ID that uses a Hindi font that is not Unicode compliant and words are breaking where they shouldn't. This does not happen, apparently, in PM.

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                  Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

                  Thanks for clarifying Peter. I didn't realize that there was a cross thread related to this one.