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    Interpret Footage or Clip > Video Options? (Deinterlacing)


      Hello, everyone!


      I'm new to the forums but I have used Premiere on an amateurish level on a few occasions. I apologize if this topic has been covered before, and I've been able to find various deinterlacing methods, however I've been wondering what the actual technical difference (if any) between the two are.


      On a clip, you can either 'Right-Click' goto Modify and then Interpret and under Field Order you can select 'Conform to: No Fields (Progressive Scan)'




      You can highlight a clip, go up to the top menus, select 'Clip > Video Options > Field Options...' And from there select 'Always Deinterlace'


      To me, it seems like they would more or less be doing the same thing, however with different terminology I'm wondering how each option actually processes the video and which one would give a better result. Should I use one versus the other, or maybe both??


      I've searched everywhere and can only find tutorials instructing me to use one, and other tutorials to use the other. None of which explain the difference between the two.


      (if it makes any difference I'm working with HD NTSC video and it's Upper Fields first I believe so I don't think I need to use Reverse Field Dominance)


      If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!