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    Photos got deleting after Syncing Folder in Lightroom cc


      Thought I'd share my experience, for the second time, since as soon as I finished this post the first time, the site (which was the only site I had open) and Chrome crashed on me.


      Imported a bunch of photos from my camera. Realized i wanted them in a different folder, so I COPIED them in FINDER on mac, making copies of the files. 20 minutes goes by, I have copied all my files. Great. I open Lightroom and again and realize I have to sync the folder because it doe not know the new location of the newly copied files. I sync, Lightroom crashes. I reboot my machine, open lightroom and see my new photos are not there. I open finder, my photos are not there. They are not in a trash can. They are not anywhere. i have lost all my photos, even though they were just normal, copied files on my harddrive. Yet Lightroom crashing and my machine having to restart, I somehow lost them all.


      And to boot, it took me 20 minutes to get on this forum because everytime i logged in, there were re-direct loops on any device or browser I tried. Amazing.


      Now where's my credit card so I can pay for Adobe CC, because I'm oh so impressed with my experiences.

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          elie-d Level 4

          Multiple crashes involving different applications, files disappearing - it all sounds like a hardware problem.

          As for logging on to this site, it's true that about once a month I have the minor annoyance of having to renew my log-in and that log-in is for the parent Adobe site so I have to find my way back to this forum, but if you use multiple Adobe products it is convenient to have one log-in cover ten different forums.

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            did you find a solution.  all my photos are gone!! Ie from the hard drive and are not even recorded in Lightroom nothing !

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              dj_paige Level 9

              amclean4 wrote:


              did you find a solution. all my photos are gone!! Ie from the hard drive and are not even recorded in Lightroom nothing !

              amclean4 Please describe your problem in great detail.