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    How to make a multiple page prototype like Flash

    mcstampfunk Level 1

      I'm brand new to Edge Animate here, so please bear with me.


      I am a Flash user and often one would create a multiple page application, web site, or prototype in one SWF file. You might have navigation that when you click on a button, it goes to a different page. The way I would do this is in the timeline, you set up labels for each section "Home Page" , "About" , "Contact", etc. on separate frames like frame1 , 10, 20.  You laid out your content in each section along the timeline for each page. Your buttons would gotoAndStop() at whatever frame/section it needed to go to.


      Would one follow a process like this in Edge? I tried to just jump in and do something similar, but was having a hard time. I understand that if you had a web site with multiple HTML pages, you would probably just create separate HTML pages for each (and I assume separate Edge animation projects for each). But it my case I want to prototype a game that would stay within one HTML file.  It might have a home screen, an instructions page, the actual game play screen, and end page, etc.

      Generally speaking, how would you do this?  I saw some labels in Edge like Flash. Would I make a label for each section and use the code to jump from frame to frame like I would do in Flash? Do you keyframe visibility to turn things on/off in each section. Or do I swap around symbols that contain page content based on what's clicked?  Or do you not really do it this way in Edge and there's a better way? I was looking for tutorials or examples of this and I was not having much luck.