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    Sony RAW file conversion for Lightroom 5

    jerryp97433002 Level 1

      I've been using Lightroom 5 (LR5) for my photo editing on a PC for a year now & been shooting with Nikon, just recently purchased a Sony A7II & LR5 will not read the RAW files, when I try it says: "The files are not recognized by the raw format in Lightroom 5", Please check for updated version of Lightroom, so I checked & I do have the current version, no updates available. I was previously told it would read it & there shouldn't be a problem, well it won't. From what I've read looks like I need to convert these RAW files to DNG through a plug-in. When I went to 'Adobe Support & Community Help' I found what I was looking (I think) a plug-in for LR5, however when you open the link at the top its says: 'Camera Raw plug-in for CS6, CC, or CC 2014 Adobe applications' doesn't mention anything about LR5, but it did on the previous search page so I'm a little confused. Attached is the link: Camera Raw plug-in installer


      Is this it for LR5,  'CameraRaw_8_7_1.zip' ? And if so why doesn't it say for LR5, anyone know? I don't want to download something and have it screw up my LR5 program. Any help here would be greatly appreciated....jp