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    contacting adobe/changing email/I need help!!!


      Ok. This is all very complicated.

      I bought photoshop student edition a couple of years ago (March 2013) through amazon.  I have since changed colleges and computers so I am trying to put photoshop on my new computer, however I can't get my serial number.  The email address that I registered my product with has since been deleted since I changed colleges so when I try to access anything on my adobe it asks me to confirm my email address which I can't do because it doesn't exist anymore.  I can't even change the email address without confirming the old one.  I had to use a different account to even post on this forum.  Here's what I have tried:

      • Looked for the box and CD but I must have lost them while moving.
      • Looked in past emails (emails from my student account were forwarded to my personal account) and could not find one with my serial number
      • Tried to login to the old account with the old email address and was't able to access my products without confirming my email address that doesn't exist anymore

      Here's what I do have:

      • Emails from Amazon confirming my purchase
      • Email from Adobe saying 'get the most from your new Photoshop CS6 software.
      • Photoshop on my old computer, but it is currently broken so I would have to get the computer fixed to access it.

      I really wish I could just call someone in Adobe to work this out but it looks like posting here is literally my only option.  If anyone could help I would reallllllllly appreciate it.