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    Best workflow for premier 13 and how to produce dvd's?


      Hi all.

      Historically I use imovie, idvd, and a little final cut express.

      My machine is a 2008 iMac recently upgraded with a new HDD and more memory, now 6GB. It is intel.

      Primarily I did this due to final cut not working my camera not recognised etc, but i discovered this is not ow supported in Yosemite.

      All is now well with the imac.


      I bought the elements bundle from Adobe and am getting to grips with the video editor just now also the organiser.

      I have loads of archived movies from the imac upgrade i did saved on and external HDD which I tend to try to use rather than filling the imac HDD up, although not so much an issue now with 2TB.


      I am working through my old footage and using a combination of imovie and premier  elements, to produce a final movie.


      My question is, what is the best workflow, I am going on a trip of a lifetime this year and want to practice the best workflow.

      I currently have files all over in various formats, so its a nightmare.

      Also what is the best way to produce a DVD?

      I used to produce movies with imovie then when i had a few I would produce a DVD with a few menus and buttons and movies on.

      This doesn't seem to be so straight forward anymore, I have tried to save a elements movie to a .mov and .mpg file to import to imovie then idvd but the aspect was changed to 4:3 for a start, so I may give up on that.


      I intend in future to download the files from cameras to folders I can recognise, although I have historically downloaded straight from camera, it would be a new method for me.

      What is then the best way to then produce my DVD's, I am not into blue ray as yet.