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    Premiere Pro 2014.2 jumbling open Sequence tabs

    Gordon James McDowell Level 1

      It appears I'm not the only one experiencing frequent crashes. As incredibly soul crushingly annoying as they are, their disruptive impact is multiplied by my open sequence tabs being... randomized... when I re-open the project. A normal SAVE and OPEN is NOT SAVING my sequence tabs accurately.


      So if I've got 20 of my most important sequence tabs open. And the program crashes (or even if I just save and close it properly) when I open it up again, I've got to close the wrong sequence tabs and open the correct sequence tabs to get back to the workspace I had before the crash.


      ...the frequent crashes, I mean.


      My editing progress has ground to a crawl.


      If Adobe would like a proper bug report on this, could someone please direct me to bug reporting? The page was down before, and I don't know if it is up, or where to find it.