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    Background tasks seriously lagging on export!!!


      Is it normal that any background task, like browsing the web, etc. seriously lagging when i export direct from premiere or AME.I usually export to 1080p h264.

      This is happening only a) when a video has something like rgb curves or three way color grading and b) export to mpg 2 & mpg2 dvd.My gpu usage goes up to 99% my cpu to 30-40% but any application in the background lags!If i export  just a video without any gpu related filter everything goes fine...


      i'm with premiere pro cc v8.1

      my specs: fx8350 @4.3

                      16gb ram 1866

                      ssd 120gb for OS & Programs

                      2x 500gb caviar blacks raid 0 (projects and media files)

                      1x 500gb caviar black  scratch - cache

                      1x 1tb  caviar black other media and export

                      1x 2tb external usb3 back up disk



      please help!