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    premiere elements 7. Can't upload to youtube


      I have elements 7 and I cant upload to youtube. When I get to where it ask for a title name and descrption I put that in and the key at the bottom that you click for next is not high lighted and I cant go any farther. I have click on youtube account and im set up ok. Is my version to old to up load to youtube now. It has been awhile since Ive up loaded to youtube.


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Just been there to Premiere Elements 7 on Windows 7 64 bit and gave it's Share/Online/YouTube a road test.

          The control buttons are "unique" in that they look unavailable but often can get you to next step by clicking on a hard see grayed out "Next".


          You are probably looking at something like this.



          I suspect, if you clicked on the faded/grayed out looking Next button in what you are seeing, you would get to the next step that should look like



          But no matter how far you get in ignoring buttons that looked grayed out and clicking on them to proceed, the end result is a feature failure with the following



          I do not believe there is a solution to the Premiere Elements 7 Share/Online/YouTube issue. Although moving to a later version is your choice,

          you should do fine exporting your Timeline to a .mp4 file saved to the computer hard drive and then uploading that file to YouTube at the YouTube

          web site.


          In this regard, please see Share/Mobile Phones and Players/Apple iPod and iPhone High Quality. Use that preset as is or customize it under

          the Advanced Button/Video Tab of the preset.


          If you need clarification or how to details on any of the above, please let me know.


          Thank you.



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            2sticker Level 1

            Thankyou very much for your help. I was thinking that maybe my version was to old. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get 13.

            Thanks again


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              I would encourage you to evaluate the Premiere Elements 13 tryout from Adobe before you consider purchasing it in order to evaluate its compatibility with your computer

              environment and project goals.


              Although video editing principles tend to stay the same from version to version, the features seem to get moved around, get changed or deleted. There is a dramatic change

              in workspaces when you compare version 10 and earlier with versions after 10.


              Best wishes for whatever your video editing decision is.



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                I will check out 13 before I purchase it. I don't do anything that is important. it's mostly a hobby and sometimes I like to put things up on my youtube account or video a family Christmas ect. .

                Thanks again for your help.