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    Ratings bug?

    CBukley Level 1
      Did something change in the rating system when it went down for maintenance yesterday afternoon? I was working online at the time and when it came back up all my themes with various ratings had been changed to three stars across the board (unrated ones remained unrated). I thought it was odd but not impossible, but I've noticed since that no user ratings seem to be "sticking" in the "Newest" category. (I've rated some new themes and they still showed up completely unrated afterward.)

      Is this a bug or just a change in the way you calculate ratings?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee

          Thanks for posting! I was going to post so this is a great opportunity to explain the change. :)

          We made some changes to the ratings recently to better reflect ratings that had more votes behind them.

          We are using a weighted rating method called Bayesian ratings. Full details here: http://www.thebroth.com/blog/118/bayesian-rating

          Essentially the biggest change is that instead of each theme showing the average of all its own votes, a theme's ratings are now in the context of all the rated themes. That's probably why the ratings you have "flattened" out to three stars across the board. While this might be a little jarring at first (!), our hope is that it will be a more accurate reflection of the overall voting.