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    match color feature problem

    lindsayb65887396 Level 1

      My Match color feature doesn't seem to be working correctly.  Maybe I'm just doing something wrong...I am trying to insert a face onto someone else's body and I'm trying to match face skin tone to the body skin tone. I have the face layer on top and body on bottom like it's said but when I do Match color it's very dark reddish brown at 100% and at 0% there is no change.  Nowhere in the middle is the right color either. Do I have to select a certain portion of the body (bottom layer)?

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          If I recall, match color takes into account the overall tone of the underlying layer. Using a selection would just constrain the match color command to that selection. (At least that's been my experience.)


          Are there any other colors other than the intended color underneath? Try knocking out any potential offending colors and see what happens.