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    How to synchronise metadata between Lightroom catalogue and exif metadata (e.g. Orientation and rating)?


      Hi there,


      i have some third-party tools that also read my original photos that I use in my workflow. That is especially my private synology cloud, from which I can watch my images in the browser and in mobile devices like my iPhone/iPad.

      i Ido not want to export a second copy of the pictures from Lightroom to be used by the other tools and still want to be able to synchronise the two most important values between these tools and Lightroom: orientation and rating.


      is there any way to store orientation and rating from lightroom in the original photo's exif data? vice versa is there a way to synchronise these values back from the exif metadata to Lightroom? Especially orientation is an issue, because I have older cameras that do not set the orientation tag and I have to orient them in Lightroom.


      rationale: I'd like to use web or mobile devices to rate pictures with my friends and family and do not to have everybody gather around my Lightroom PC.


      I don't want to be trapped in the adobe product family. Buying Lightroom-mobile is not an option as I don't accept public clouds and the pricing of it.


      Any hints?




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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Use the Metadata > Save Metadata To File command to write orientation and rating from the LR catalog back to the photo's metadata.  Or set the option Catalog Settings > Metadata > Automatically Write Changes Into XMP.


          If an external tool changes a photo's metadata, LR will display an indicator in the upper-right corner of its thumbnail in Library grid mode:


          You can tell LR to reread all the metadata from the file by doing Metadata > Read Metadata From File (this will replace all the metadata in the LR catalog, so beware).


          You can find all photos that have changed metadata in the file by using the Metadata Status column in Metadata browser of the Library Filter bar.