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    Extremely Slow USB 3.0 Speeds When Transferring Large Amounts of Video

    barker85 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am transferring large amounts of footage (250GB-1.75TB chunks) from 5x 5400rpm 2TB drives to 5x 7200rpm 2TB drives simultaneously (via 6x USB 3.0 connections and 4x SATA III, with copy/paste in explorer) and the transfer speeds are incredibly slow. Initially the speeds show up as quite fast (45-150mb/ps+) but then they slow down to around 3mb/ps.


      The drives have not been manually defragmented but the vast majority of the files on each are R3D video files.


      I am wondering if the amount of drives/data being used/sent is what is causing such slow speeds or if there might be another culprit? I would be incredibly appreciative to learn of any solutions to increase speed significantly. Many thanks...



      OS: Windows 7 Professional

      Processor: i7 4790k

      RAM: 32GB

      GPU: Nvidia 970 GTX