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    Audio dropout during fast forward (using multi cam and zoom audio)


      Can anyone help?  I'm just transitioning from avid to premiere pro CC, so I'm hoping someone with experience will tell me this is an easy problem to fix!


      When I fast forward through footage, or through my sequence, the footage speeds up, but after about :01, the audio drops out for about :02, and then then the cursor skips back 01-02 seconds, gives me audio, but then the audio drops out again after another approximately :01.  So.. forward three, back two, with audio missing for 1-2 of those seconds.  It plays back fine in real time, but I need to be able to shuttle forward without this problem. 


      Anyone have a solution for me?!  Please?!


      BTW, I"m working on a 2011 Macbook Pro,  upgraded to 16 GB Ram.