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    Loop animation backward and forward....

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      Hey all.

      I'm new to Edge Animate and I'm not much of a coder. Using the stock actions I've been able to achieve about 85% of what I want. Hoping you can help with the other 15%.

      I'm trying to use EA to create an interactive panoramic picture. I have the picture and have it in the timeline. I slide the position right until I have managed to match the position (in the middle) at the start and end. when it loops it looks like you are spinning in the center of a room. (google maps like)

      I then added a button on the right and one on the left. Right button is a simple PLAY action.  The left one is  PLAY REVERSE action. The right one is fine. keeps looping forever.

      The problem is (of course) when the left button hits the 1st frame it stops.

      I'd like to figure out a way to loop the reverse action to the last frame when playing in reverse... While still keeping the forward action looping when going forward.  Does that make sense?

      I want to make an infinite loop in both directions depending on the last button the user has clicked. I also want it to start from wherever the playhead is when the user clicks it.

      If I'm going about this in the totally wrong way... let me know. I'm open to suggestions!

      Thanks everyone!


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          I think this was easier in an earlier version, where you just create a play at the first frame, but that doesn't seem to work now if you place it at 0, so just move it on the timelime just a smidge and it works (I placed it at .08 seconds). I don't know why the change occurred but it was frustrating not to be able to get this to work in my class yesterday!


          Hope that helps