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    How can keywords be added to MTS 1080p60 files?

    D0NNN Level 1

      Hello! I want to add keywords to Panasonic's 1080p60 video files. I create projects on PProCS5.5 in Master Collection. I understand that i can add keywords to a file in a PP project, but that doesn't seem practical for my needs. I need to be able to filter clips before creating a project. I could put the keywords in the file name, but that would make extremely long names and be laborious. Panasonic stores a clip's metadata in a CPI file instead of an XMP file. Panasonic/Sony forgot to/couldn't add this keyword capability when they created AVCHD Progressive 2.0, which they haven't updated (talked to Panasonic today) and their HD WriterAE.   Bridge5 is no help. Can Lightroom4 or 5 do the trick (i don't have it)?   Here's the need: There are up to 10 children recorded in each video file and i need to add their first and last names as keywords (and other keywords) in the metadata so i can assemble the clips for adding to a PP project, one project for each child usually. They're never the same 10 kids, altho some are the same for a period of time, ie there's overlap/turnover. Additionally, i may not assemble a child's clips for up to 5 years.   Any sidecars, or workarounds, or perhaps there's something about PP5.5 or Media Browser that i haven't yet learned about resolving this issue?   If it's of any help, i use Panasonic's HC-X900MP camcorder and i always record at the highest resolution. Adding keywords to its photos is easily done in Bridge.   Thanks, Don.