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    LR 5 import crisis- S.O.S!


      ARRRRRGGGGHHHH... If you can help me I will be eternally grateful!


      LR will occasionally (rarely) import part of a folder, but more often than not, it will import nothing.  I can't find any pattern in this.  It does not matter what the source of the import is (HD, ext HD, CF etc.).  Usually what happens is:  I initiate the import dialog, no image previews are shown (just gray).  When I hit 'import' LR says "importing files" but the progress bar just hangs.  Eventually when I cancel the import (this has been anywhere between 2 minutes and 12 hours) the dialog box says "No photos or videos were found to import."  Often times I have to force quit the application.  I have read through a billion forums and can't seem to figure it out.  Based on those forums/what I've tried, I can tell you:


      System/software updates are current

      I've unplugged everything that I'm not using specifically for Lightroom (including my phone)

      There is no preferences list to delete

      Folder permissions do not seem to be the problem (permissions on folders that will partially import and folders that won't are identical)

      .xml files do not seem to be the problem

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application- the problem persists


      Please let me know if you have any thoughts/ideas on this.  THANK YOU!


      UPDATE: The problem seems to be .mov and .avi files.  If I open a folder that has these files, LR can't do anything and I have to force quit.  I have hundreds of folders with stills and video in them... really don't want to go through each one and extract the video files.  Ideas?