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    import with "smart preview" and "embedded and sidecar" not providing expected result


      Running paid LR5, OS/X.


      1) I'm not able to reference the original image directly from the catalog.


      I have about 2TB of mixed jpg, tif, and .nef files to import. They are stored on an external drive.

      I would like to build the LR dbase internally, with smart preview, but be able to reference the original high-quality image (which should stay on the external drive) if I want to grab the original to work with it.


      I have Imported and have selected 2TB of data to be brought in, smart preview is enabled, "build previews" is set to "embedded and sidecar".

      I run the import.

      The imported images in the catalog end up with a smart preview rendered, but for the life of me I cannot find how to pull up the original image on the external drive from the image in the catalog.

      If I "show original in Finder" within LR-- I get shown the image stored on the internal drive, there's a .dng and a .jpg stored internally.


      The original location has a .jpg and a .nef version of the file. I would have expected viewing the image in the catalog to have a link out to the original image as it lives in the location I imported from. Where do I find that link in the catalog or image preview?


      Thank you-