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    XML Tags with hyphen or minus (-) access in dataProvider and so on

      Hi there,

      i hope someone can help me on this case because the last 4 hours of frustrating searching didn´t help any.

      We connect to a data service that returns xml in this form:


      Loading that data using HTTPService isn´t a problem. Trying to use the data with dataProvider like this:


      leads in error 1120.

      "Access of undefined property _. "

      How to access the elements in this case? Most funny is when i try to debug this i see that you populate all object elements in memory looking somehow like this ".this.someniceid.lastResult.some-root" Rightclicking this and adding to Expressions watch leads in an error that this isn´t accessible.

      A way around it or a simple fix would help me.

      Kind regards,