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    No photos or videos were found to import


      When I try importing photos from some directories, Lightroom responds, "No photos or videos were found to import."  Same thing when I try synchronizing.  There isn't anything special that I can tell about the directories that don't import. I've been able to import to another directory since seeing this problem, but when I go back to the directories that show 0 pictures, I still can't import or synchronize anything from those directories. When I ask for synchronizing, it shows the number of pictures it has found.  It's as if Lightroom already knows about the pictures so it doesn't want to reimport them, but the pictures don't exist in the catalog anywhere (I've done a search after selecting all directories).  Am I doing something wrong?


      I've restarted LR, rebooted the machine, removed and then added the directories, uninstalled and reinstalled LR.  Nothing makes a difference.


      I'm using LR5.7 on Windows 7.


      Thanks for any help.