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    Scroll Bar

      Hey All!

      I have made some dynamic text on my main page with arrows to scroll up and down. I also have a scroll bar however it does not work. I have not added any actionscript for the bar because I do not know how to code it. Can anyone help me with writing the actionscript for the scroll bar and that will still keep the arrows functioning?

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          CellaMarr Level 1
          Here is the website that I am referring to. Is there any way to make that bar function without having to create masks? I have everything already made and having given everything an instance name. All I need now is the actionscript.

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            CellaMarr Level 1
            WOW! I am sure someone here knows how to create a scroll bar.
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              Hi CellaMarr

              I have just created one, here is what I know:

              Go to Window

              Choose Components

              Choose User Interface

              Select ScrollPane

              and drag it to the main page

              Then go to the properties

              and move right next to the parameters

              Here you have options on the ScrollPane

              Choose the file you want to show by adding it to the ContentPath
              This item needs to be on your library and saved as a graphic Symbol and be Linkable.

              Just copy and paste teh full name of the graphic

              Then you can adjust the scroll bars to be visible or not like on the horizontal by making them false, etc...

              Hope this helps!
              Sincerely, Denise