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    Object Tracing? Object Selection?


      Hi guys, sorry for the noob-like thread making and whatnot. This question involves both Photoshop & Illustrator. I would Google my current problem if I could but the problem is, I don't actually know what terms to use!


      So my question is this: How does one make an object selectable like this? What is this technique even called? Object Tracing?

      Screenshot 2015-01-19 15.27.29.png


      When I'm compiling catalogues together, having the objects like this really makes life easier (especially with aligning). Currently I am using Photoshop, removing the background and having them saved as PNG, but these guys (the company we sent these product photos to) had them as EPS format.


      When I open these files in Photoshop:

      Screenshot 2015-01-19 15.27.35.png

      Instead of "Layer 0" (which I usually get with the PNGs) the product is part of the "Background" layer.


      Any advice on how to achieve the same result? What is it called? What are the advantages of doing this as opposed to just removing the background, making the space around the object transparent and saving it as a PNG file?


      Thanks in advance!