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    Synchronising video to slides in adobe presenter/ adobe connect


      HI All,


      We use Adobe connect for live webinars.  Our client now has prerecorded video of the presenter and wishes us to synchronise the powerpoint slides to play along side the video.  This is usually done as a live event with us using a live video feed and the presenter forwarding the slides within Adobe.   They wish to recreate this using pre recorded footage.


      If we do this manually, (i.e. load up the slide deck and video to the room and manually forward the slides whilst playing the video in a video pod) synchronisation is an issue due to buffering at the viewers end.  The Slide deck slowly gets further and further behind or in front of the video until it no longer makes any sense.


      If we put the video and powerpoint in to a single video slide we loose resolution of the powerpoint.


      What we would like is to use Adobe presenter, thus keeping the resolution of what are quite busy slides and having the talking head clearly present.


      Any ideas?    It seems synchronising with audio is standard but not with video.  Ideal would be to replace the photo id image with the video. 


      Sorry but any replies that suggest not having the video or making the slides less busy are not helpful ;-) 


      Thanks in advance