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    Issue with scene order in flash

    viviann629001 Level 1



      The order in which my scenes are arranged in the scene panel is causing my buttons to link to the incorrect scene instead of the scene listed in the code on the button. I have several(47) scenes setup with buttons linking to different scenes(see image) When you click on a tool it will take you to a new scene with an image and description for that tool.



      For example if I click on the scrapper button, it will take me to the hammer scene instead of the scrapper scene, now if I rearrange the order of my scenes in the scene panel it will link to a different scene each time a button is pressed.

      I have tested it using "enable simple buttons" on; and everything links up perfectly but when I publish it or "test movie" (control + enter) then the scenes don't link up. Only some of them don't link up correctly, not all


      The code on each button is correct and the scenes are named correspondingly.

      I am using AS2.0




          gotoAndPlay("scrapper", 1);



      Flash CS6 version

      Windows 7 64bit


      This is a company project so I cannot upload the files.


      Is this a common issue in flash?


      Any possible solution is welcome.