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    Please uninstall and re-install this product Error Code 6


      I have 7 users running single licenses of Adobe Acrobat X Standard and 5 users running a multi license version of Adobe Acrobat X Pro. between Wed 14/01/15 and Thursday 15/01/15 all of these products stopped working on all machines. All machines are windows 7 machines. They are throwing up


      "Configuration Error"

      Please uninstall and re-install this product.

      Error code 6.

      It then closes the program


      When i run this product as an administrator the error message still appears but it allows the program to run. When i then close the program it does not close to process so the next time i open adobe it gives me the error message that the product is not licensed. I assume this is due to the product running in 2 instances.


      I have tried:

      un-installing the product,

      i have currently set all my users to local admins to have a work around.

      I have used the adobe clean up tool and removed everything i can think of to do with adobe.

      I have re-registered the products

      I have edited to permission and followed the guide for Error Code 16 as it was a similar problem.


      None of the above has worked so far.

      This is now a matter of urgency and any help would be appreciated.