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    Update variable names in a function

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      I have a button that will call a function, nextProjImage()
      In that function I have these 2 lines:
      Pic1Desc_txt.htmlText = Pic1Desc[p];
      detailimage1.loadMovie(picture1[p], 1);

      When the button is clicked, I need to update Pic1Desc_txt.htmlText =
      Pic1Desc[p]; to Pic1Desc_txt.htmlText = Pic2Desc[p]; and
      update detailimage1.loadMovie(picture1[p], 1); to
      detailimage1.loadMovie(picture2[p], 1);
      Each time the button is clicked it needs to update the text and the pic by 1
      until it reaches 6. After we have Pic6Desc[p] and (picture6[p], 1)
      then upon another click of the button we go to Pic1Desc[p] and (picture1[p],
      1) as a loop.

      Help is much appreciated.