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    first frame - last frame option


      Hi all,

      Im wondering if anyone knows the answer to this: when viewing thumbnails in bins in premier pro, by default the first frame of each clip is shown, is there an option to show the last frame?

      I shoot a lot of interviews and often mark the end of the good takes with a hand across frame or thumbs up just before I pause recording on selected clips. At the moment I still have to scrub through each clip, (sometimes if someone does not interview well there can be a LOT of bad takes) to find the good 'hand' marked frames. If I could somehow chose to show all thumbnails at once on their end frames I could quickly select just the good takes, color mark them for easy reference and then switch back to first frame display.

      If there isn't already a way to do this, dare I suggest Adobe, that this would be a golden feature for documentary film makers like myself.

      Hope someone can help,

      many thanks,