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    PSD Layer Comps and updating links

    blanko 23

      I love InDesign's ability to show/hide PSD layers in InDesign, and especially to display Layer Comps of PSD files.

      But InDesign seems to have trouble "remembering" which layers / Layer Comps to show when updating links.


      An example:

      Let's say a product exists in 3 versions: black, white and blue.

      A PSD contains a productshot in these 3 color versions using some common and some color-specific layers. A Layer Comp with the color name is assigned to each set of layers that displays the according color version.


      Now it's easy to place the PSD in InDesign, choose 'Object Layer Options' (which can contain multiple other layers) and set the correct Layer Comp (eg: "blue").

      I set 'When Updating Link' to 'Keep Layer Visibility Overrides' to make sure InDesign remembers the correct color when the PSD is edited.


      Now you feel the trouble coming… let's say an extra color red should be added. I add the red version (including a 'red' layer comp) to the same PSD and save it.

      When updating existing links, InDesign messes up the existing 'Object Layer Options'. The black version will now show blue, etc…

      'Layer Comp' in 'Object Layer Options' does actually show 'blue' while it was 'black' before the update.


      Removing the red Layer Comp and save the PSD again doesn't restore the correct Layer Comp in InDesign.


      I used this feature often, and updating links never caused me any trouble until now.

      Is this a bug, or are the update link options not to be trusted (and was I just lucky in the past)…?