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    Adobe Edge Animation does always run

    EmilyScherberth Level 1

      I have a 15 sec Edge animation that is located at the top of my home page. Sometimes only the pre-loader is displayed with no animation. The animation eventually runs if the page is refreshed after it loads. The animation itself is pretty light weight with mostly text and svg graphics.


      The animation is published via the Animate Deployment Package. Currently, edge.5.0.1.min.js is running on Adobe CDN. Publishing using the "Web" method did work because the pre-loader wouldn't display at all.


      The animation runs fine once files are downloaded to the browser.


      You can view the animation (if you do a reload after page load) at: http://pictureyourbook.com/


      I would really appreciate any help that would solve this issue for me.


      Thank  you!