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    Interactive PDF (drop down boxes) for iPad


      Is there 'any' work around for an interactive PDF on the iPad? More specially drop down boxes! I have a software package that makes my life a whole lot easier If there is any way to do this either third party or open on an iMac and save another way?

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            MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee


            Adobe Reader for iOS supports drop-down boxes.  What happens when you select an item in a drop down list? 

            Could you post a screenshot?

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              I'm having the same issue - I created a form in Adobe Pro, added several dropdowns and they don't work on the iPhone/iPad.  You can see the box with the arrow, but only allows you to type custom text, no dropdown list populates.  Below is a screen shot.  Thanks for any help!!!IMG_0720.png

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                DarrellDykstra Adobe Employee

                For the particular form in question, it was authored (likely initially via some field recognition algorithm) with several instances of a dropdown and a text field overlayed over one another.  Because the text field is before the dropdown in field/tab order, on tap, it is processed first by the Mobile Reader.  That is why your experience when using the Mobile Reader is that of a text field.


                The Desktop Reader processes fields in reverse field/tab order (z-order), so the experience that user will see is that of a dropdown.


                I can change the Mobile Reader to process fields as the Desktop does, in reverse field/tab order (z-order) so that both products are consistent.  This doesn't help you in the short term, though.  To make your form work in the short term with the existing Mobile Reader, you could remove the overlapping text fields (they are named as 'undefined_n' where n is a number).  On a brief look, these overlapping text fields do not appear to serve a purpose (they do not appear to hold a hidden value or participate in javascript for example); they appear to be the after effect of some kind of (imperfect) automated field recognition algorithm.


                Hope this helps,