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    Audio panning


      Hi All,


      I'm hoping someone out there may be able to point me in the right direction. Our company has recently migrated over from FCP7. For the most part we're loving premiere, however we're having difficulties with the audio settings. We have a lot of footage come in with a lapel mic on one channel, and a boom mic on another. We normally only use the lapel, and therefore need to mono the clip.


      We've switched to editing sound in dual mono, rather than the standard audio track, which works great, except either the tracks or the clips need to be panned left and right to have a stereo sequence. At the moment we're panning alternating tracks (so track 1 left, track 2 right etc....), however this is a pain when the editors want to just use one mic, as they have to copy the audio clip onto the next track so it's mono. In FCP, stereo clips were treated as dual mono and had the left and right channels panned by default, so when they were brought into the sequence the left channel would be panned at -1 and the right would be at 1. We've tried editing with the standard tracks and using the fill right with left effects, but this causes problems for our audio mixer who mixes through protools.


      Is there a way of doing this in premiere? Or are there any alternatives to this?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Would creating an audio adaptive track work for you? My 'test' with mono track, has adaptive default Channel Output Mapping as input 1 mapped to Output 1 and input 2 mapped to output 2. Why does it refer to input 2 with it being a mono track? - I guess because it is an adaptive.


          So, using the adaptive on a mono will give you a two channel output, with a panner dial - that work for you?