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    Assets on a network drive - slow to preview

    Neil Potter

      We have a number of large image libraries from photoshoots all stored on a shared network drive.


      When the photographer sends us the assets, he includes the Lightroom database, which we copy to the server with the assets.


      The guys running lightroom then copy the lightroom database to their local drive, open it up, and find missing images to relink to the server folders.


      This all works well except the "scanning" through the shot on screen which seems to take a lot longer to view the previews than if the shot drive was connected to the machine locally.


      Is there anything we can do to improve this.  It almost feels as though once you look at all the previews in a given folder once, it's quick to view the next time.


      I've tried building Standard Size previews but that doesn't sort the issue.  Building 1:1 previews seems to sort it, but obviously takes an age, and creates a massive database at the end, so I'm guessing thats not the way.  I haven't tried Smart Previews yet, but wanted to put this issue out there for you guys if you can help?



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          Cornelia-I Level 4

          Smart previews will do nothing for you in Library module, they just speed up Develop module loading.


          What you describe sounds like an issue with standard previews, though. Did you specify the size of your standard previews matching the screen size you use for browsing through them, assuming in Loupe view / fit to window? If the standard preview size is too small for your screen, LR would have to render bigger ones when browsing, which would explain your phenomenon. This rendering is very much dependant on the connection speed to image storage, hence faster on a USB3.0 or Thunderbolt-attached drive than most network connections.


          Having said that I must report that I, too, do have a similar issue when browsing in Loupe view but Full screen mode: although my standard preview size is still sufficiently large for full screen, I always do see the bezel "Loading...." Hence I have given up on full screen mode.